This is a hosted version of 18F. This is NOT an official government website.

Hosted Analytics Dashboards

Free Google Analytics Dashboard to showcase your gov website usage.

Built and open sourced by 18f

Live Analytics Dashboards Examples

In just minutes you can showcase your government's website usage via a beautiful public analytics dashboard. We offer a hosted version or you can embed the dashboard within your existing site. You can show both real time and historical data, while learning to use that data to improve your digital services.

Here are some examples of our hosted dashboards as well as some other organizations using the Dashboards themselves. Check out some live government dashboards:

Beautiful Dashboard

set one up in minutes for free!

18f and the USDS worked with a team of talented designers and civic engineers to create a beautiful dashboard that quickly allows you to visualize how people are engaging with your website. In minutes you will have a beautiful and personalized analytics dashboard to show off.

Data Driven Decisions

make better data driven decisions.

You can quickly see your top downloads and page activity to better understand how citizens are engaging with your website. Then you can use that data to provide better online & digital services.