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How it Works

Setting up your Free Website Analytics Dashboard is easy.
It just takes 3 easy steps and less than 2 minutes!


You are required to have a Google Analytics account to set up your dashboard. If you have an account please continue to Step 1.
If you don't, not to worry, signing up for Google Analytics is FREE to set up and only takes a couple of minutes.

Step 1

Copy your view id

Log into Google Analytics and Select the Appropriate Domain > Choose the "Admin" section (bottom left) and click the "View Settings" item under the "View" Section.

Copy the "View ID" number. You will need to send us this "View ID" in the form below.

Step 2

set up a user with permissions

Go back to the Admin tab and select the "User Management" item.

Add a new user with "Collaborate, Read & Analyze" permissions using the email below:

Step 3

get a beautiful dashboard!

We set up your own Beautiful Analytics Dashboard in minutes! You can either embed the dashboard into your existing site or have a self standing dashboard.

You can use the Dashboard either internally, publicly or both.

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